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Bryan E. Cotter

2018 Lakeline Oaks
Cedar Park, Texas 78613
(512) 257-1029

E-mail: bryan@SouthWave.com
Web page: http://SouthWave.com


Objective:  To obtain employment in one or more of the following fields:

Web Development                 Computer Graphics Design
3D Computer Animation         Video Production


WORDsearch Corp., Austin, TX - October 2006 - October 2008
Job Desc:
e-Book Developer – until May 2007 (promoted)

My daily duties include editing books to conform to XHTML standards and compiling them into software created to use the format. I also created perl scripts to help in editing the xhtml to be formatted correctly for the software.

Job Desc: Web Division Manager

Created and maintained all websites. Maintained database and all backend programming. Converted all perl scripting to php scripts.

Texas Hawgs Bass Fishing Guide Service, Austin, TX - 2004-Present
Job Desc: Bass Fishing Guide

I take clients on bass fishing trips, teaching them techniques and presentations and how to locate good fishing areas.

Southwave Technologies, Austin, TX - January 1996 - Present
Job Desc: Web Developer / Owner / Consultant

Over the years I have worked for many startups and taken various contract positions, as evidenced by my short stays at several of the companies listed below. I feel that this has helped me become more versatile and does in no way reflect my loyalty and excellent skills. Between jobs and in my spare time, I develop sites for various organizations and clients. I use ASP, PHP, SQL, create and design 3D computer animation and all graphics. I consult with clients on web services / computer purchasing / networking.

Clear Channel Radio, Austin, TX - September 2001 - August 2002
Job Desc: Web Division Manager

Designed and created all graphics associated with online advertisements, increased unique page views from 85 thousand to 1.5 million, rebuilt all 6 sites and increased paid advertising by over 300%.

On-Site Computer Solutions - (start-up) December 2000 - August 2001
Job Desc:
Lead Web Developer

Web Site development using mostly ASP for programming and SQL 2000 for database backend. Some tools and other software used include: Microsoft Visual InterDev, Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev 4, Microsoft FrontPage 2000, Access 2000, Excel 2000, Pendragon Forms for Palm, Pendragon SyncServer, Adobe Photoshop 6, SQL Enterprise Manager, installation of Frontpage extensions 2000 and 2002 for websites on IIS on Microsoft 2000 Professional Servers. Setting up websites, users on exchange and users on IIS in the Active Directory.


* Examples
Eppright Homes - A highend residential home developer
Built the administration backend utilizing ASP/SQL.
Time Managent System - Built the time management system used in-house on the On-Site intranet. This system is used for keeping track of time while in the office or out of the office on the job at a clients. This system is also used by contractors for any outsourcing work performed.
HelpDesk - Task tracking application.
Developed and built out the On-Site HelpDesk application which is used for keeping track of tasks. Information in this system includes things such as the problem/solution to complete the task, who created the task, what percentage complete, total time used, the person assigned to the task, and other functions such as authorizing the ticket after completion, creating/editing/deleting/assigning tickets. This system even has a quickbook exporting feature for billing purposes.

Avatar Technology, Inc. - (start-up) February 2000 - June 2000
Job Desc: Web Developer

Web site design, development and graphics design using some of the tools and programs below.

* Examples
TravelTex Tripsavers - Coupons for Texas Travel
Built the whole dynamic coupon section using ASP/SQL/Javascript/HTML/Photoshop. There are also several admin sections that I built that can't be seen by going to this area.
TeleDynamics - Wholesale Distributor of Phone Equipment
Used ASP for the dynamic listing of equipment for sale on this site. Also some Photoshop used.
This is a dealer-only site though so for a similar example, go to phonethings.com below.
Phone Things - Telephone Products Site
Used ASP for the dynamic listing of equipment for sale on this site. Also some Photoshop used.
ClearCube - Managed PC Environment Company
Worked with other source for graphics. Basically layed out site with HTML, used Photoshop and ImageReady to cut up graphics, used Javascript for image rollovers.
ABD Law - Law Firm
Helped design and layout site. Lots of Photoshop work with HTML. Some use of Flash and FireWorks.


Micro-Media Solutions, Inc. - (start-up) January 1998 - October 1998
Job Desc: Webmaster / Web Division Manager

Website design and development including graphics design. Developed sites using software below.

Aerotek (Contract) March - June 1997

     Garden Escape
     Job Desc:
Graphic Designer: Graphics and webpage design for the
     Garden Escape website. Online magazine article submissions.

     Job Desc:
Technician: Installed Windows 95, Windows 95 client setup, (NIC) network
     interface cards, and software drivers. Configured client for TCP/IP, setup clients for NT      4.x and Netware 4.x connectivity, installed network inserts in wall and router for network,      and troubleshooting all problems involved.

Absolute Video (partnership) November 1993 - December 1995
Job Desc: Animation Director: Designed and created 3D computer animation and graphics for special effects and flying logos. Also co-produced, co-directed and co-edited on all video projects.

* Examples

Videos created consisted of music videos, television advertisements and corporate videos. Some clients include: Hot, Hip & Country, a music video for Dueces Wild, and "Defrost Master 2000" which was a product advertised in Australia. Animations done include: Alexander Lumber and Home Center in Palm Springs, Doctor's Nutrition Systems in Paducah Kentucky, White Heart in Nashville, Channel 35 WLIO in Lima, Play Alday in Nashville, Channel 18 WLFI in Lafayette, Western Staff Services in Palm Springs, Lady Golf in Palm Springs, Iron Computer in Austin and several others.

ISDN Project Tennessee / January 1992 - February 1993
Job Desc: Technician: Beta-tested hardware and software for ISDN technology. One of a four-man team working directly with Steve Hewlitt, Public Service Commissioner, Bellsouth, and our U.S. Vice-president at the time, Al Gore. Because of this team, we achieved the lowest possible rates in the country for the price of ISDN technology.

Creative Computer Consultants / March 1992 - March 1994
Job Desc: Technician: Sales and service of computer systems and supplies.

Computer Technology / January 1990 - October 1991
Job Desc: Assistant technician: Assembled, repaired, and sold computer systems.

Equipment used:

   Macintosh Quadra 840AV - 80mb RAM - 18gb hd
   Sony BetacamSP Video Camera, gear, and tape deck
   Intel Dual Core Pentium - 3ghz - 3gb RAM - 1.5tb hd

Software used:

Adobe Photoshop v6
Adobe ImageReady v2.0
Autodesk 3D Studio Max
MS IIS v4.0
MS FrontPage 98
NoteTab Pro
MS SQL v6.5, v7.0
MS Access 97, 2000
Imail v3.06
Borland C++ v4.0
TCP/IP & IPX Setup
Macromedia Flash v4.0
Macromedia Dreamweaver v8.0
Macromedia FireWorks v8.0
MS Site Server Commerce v3.0
MS Exchange Server v4, v5.5
MS Windows 95, 98, NT, XP, 7
Data Translations Media 100

Languages Used:

   PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript, Perl, ASP, VBscript, SQL

Education: Nashville State Technical Institute
AAS-Computer Information Systems, May 1992

Personal Interests: Development and design of 3D computer animation and web pages, art, photography, videography, most all sports and outdoor activities.

 Listing of some other websites that I have created or worked on
(either through my company or personally):

  • MSI - Micro-Media Solutions, Inc. (now Aperian)
  • Clola - Clola Enterprises Inc
  • GE - Garden Escape (now Garden.com)
  • Charitech - Charitech '98
  • Pizza Hut Online Express - Pizza Hut in Central America
  • Flowers - Flower Arrangements for all Occasions.
  • Centsable Bookkeeping - Bookkeeping services
  • BeRich Cruises - Master Cruise Consultant on board
  • Hispanic Impact - Hispanic community magazine
  • PCExpress - for the computer you want
  • HiPower.net - the fastest ISP on the planet!
  • Computer Ability - LAN/WAN installations / solution
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